Invest in estate property in Greece

Become the owner of an apartment in Greece and pay back investments
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Why invest in real estate?
Actually you're purchasing a real property and also your own microbusiness with one investment.
Think about your future today!
Real estates' price is constantly increasing
You invest your savings in the purchase of apartments that grow annually
in price. Over the past year, economy class apartments in Greece have risen in price by 25%, and this trend is only strengthening.
The price of the facility is fixed in the stable currency euro
The property is located in the European Union, therefore, the price is calculated in euros. For our customers, this is primarily a guarantee of an increase in the value of investments in ruble equivalent.
Real estate brings monthly passive profit
No need to spend money every month for the maintenance of your real estate — we fully take it upon ourselves! On the contrary, at the expense of renting you get a steady income.
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Why should you invest in Greece? And why do we recommend Athens? What is an investment strategy like? And an example of an investment calculation?
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Investments in real estate work for you, and do not depreciate when the ruble value fluctuates
50 000 euro
for the purchase of the property

This is the minimum amount to start the investment in Greece property.
4 months
for getting the first income

This time is necessary for processing the transaction, manufacturing and approval of the design project and the completion of interior design and appearance repairs.
3.5 years
years until your first profit

On average, the facility pays off in 3.5 — 4 years, including the cost of the purchase, repairs and annual maintenance. From the 4th year onward, the neat profit begins already after the restoration of all previously invested funds.
The main activity of the company is the sale, rental and management of real estate.
Now it has become a company with branches in Greece (Athens), Lithuania (Vilnius) and Russia (Moscow). The central office is located in Vilnius.

Initially, the company originated as a rental agency for villas and apartments by the sea in Greece and Spain. After three years of working with real estate on the Greek market, we have gained valuable experience, an understanding of the peculiarities of the local mentality and knowledge of what path we need to go to achieve a guaranteed result.
Now it has become a company with branches in Greece (Athens), Lithuania (Vilnius) and Russia (Moscow). The central office is located in Vilnius.

We love Greece with all our heart, we know the positive and negative aspects of the various regions.

We help find the ideal apartment/villa/suite/ commercial real estate, prepare for the transaction, develop a design project for re-organization and carry out repairs, and most importantly, we will immediately take the property into management so that it will bring you income as soon as possible.
How do we work?
Leave a request and we will contact you

We select the appropriate options for apartments and send a detailed description, photos and video review. At this stage, you can choose an apartment for purchase or come to Greece for personal viewing.

You conclude an agreement with our company and make a deposit to reserve a specific apartment for future purchase.

We check the apartment for all the necessary parameters before the purchase, set the date of the transaction, conduct the transaction and register all the documents after the purchase.

We develop a design project apartment modifications, exerting architectural supervision during the whole renovation process, purchasing furniture and everything necessary for renting.

We conclude a contract of property management and rent it out.

Your apartment starts bringing you monthly profit and after 3 years fully pays itself back.
Ask a question to our consultant
We make communication the easiest for you
On all stages of the work you communicate only with one personal manager, who will be exclusively selected and dedicated to your project.

  • What documents are necessary for the purchase of real estate in Greece?
  • How to find the right people for registration — notary, designer, company for repair?
  • How to rent an apartment and correctly arrange everything?
  • Which documents are required for buying an apartment in Greece?
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